Saturday, 9 July 2016

4 Tips to Do a Fabulous Wedding Photo Booth Hire

Photo booth is an ideal add-on to a wedding reception if you want to add more fun and entertainment to the event. This well helps loosen the guests and provide them with enough activity when they need a break from dancing or getting bored with the chit-chats. Adding to these, a photo booth will also help them to create a souvenir of their presence at your fabulous event.

As photo booths are largely gaining in popularity lately, there are plenty of photo booth rental services out there, putting forth many options to choose. While planning to hire one, you need to be very careful in order to get hold of the best service and enjoy maximum benefits. Here, we will discuss a few tips to consider while choosing a good wedding photo booth. Visit for more details. 

1. Check out what kind of booth you are looking for

This primary step to be made perfect to ensure photo booth success. Decide what type of a structure will best fit to your purpose. There are various combinations available like.
  •     A photographer in the booth with a fun backdrop.
  •     Clicking an individual or group selfie.
  •     Option to leave photo or video messages to the couple.
  •    Clicking a photo with a customised message or logo on the background with date as a memento of attendance etc.

2. Style of photo booth to match to your wedding theme

Considering the theme and place of arranging your wedding reception to decide over the style of photo booth needed. There are various shapes of photo booths available to fit rightly to the reception venue. You can also think of various styles and colours of coverings to the photo booth to match to the theme of your party. If your wedding reception is an outdoor event, make sure that you have an additional power supply also to connect the photo booth. Get more info on Adelaide Photo Booth Hire for all types of party, gala dinners, corporate programmes and wedding ceremony. 

3. Enclosed or self-contained

The fully enclosed or self-contained photo booths are the best options to consider for installation at wedding receptions. With all the photography equipment and add-ons available in the booth, just some extra tables may only be needed to set up the booth at the venue. The self-contained booths with all facilities inside will look much neater and easy to operate.

4. Check for special features

The new age photo booths also offer many add-on features. Say for example, some modern photo booths have a large screen outside which is meant to entertain the guests who are in queue to enter into the booth. Viewing what is happening inside the booth will be so much fun for those who are waiting outside One can also check out with the operators as to what extra features and add-ons available to make the photographs taken much more fun and memorable.

Finally, also consider how the photos are delivered. Some photo booth providers may give you a CD of all photographs written on to it. In some booths, there will be option to instantly upload the photos taken to social media websites and there may also be option to get an instant print out.

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